Mahathma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, said "Just as
my non violence will never fail...", so also Homœopathy never fails..

Conventional medicine is based primarily on the concept that diseases are caused by harmful organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Treatment aims to either kill these organisms or to oppose the resulting local symptoms with drugs.

Homœopathic treatment strengthens a person's health, acting as a catalyst, stimulating and directing the body's ability to fight infection as well as resolving any underlying susceptibility to disease. Homœopathy views many symptoms in its quest to treat underlying tendencies to ill health. In this context, mental and emotional symptoms can sometimes play an important part in understanding this susceptibility.

In General treatment Novelty Homoeopathic Hospital mainly specialized in most common diseases like Tonslitis, fever and headache etc are treated. There are so many successful ,cases of chronic diseases like Infertility,Thyroid problems ,parkinsons,Degenerative Disesaes,Vertigo,Migrane,rheumatism are also treated well.