1.Name: Tintu

 Age : 23, Sex: Female

Mrs. Tintu was under the treatment of infertility.

They both had undergone many investigations to find out the cause. Some of the findings were increased LH, increased insulin in blood etc. However they had done their best without any result.

Male partner was absolutely normal.


We decided to administer constitutional medicine. So that it can correct the condition  up to some extend. But occasionally needs some supporting medicines also  in the form of the tissue remedies or vitamins  or minerals.


Preliminary observations

·         Menses regular : -  painful in the beginning, 3 days bleeding,

·         Sweat normal

·         Dislike fruits

·         Thirst normal

·         Stool normal

·         History of an accident at 8 years of age


Family History: -

Father  : No complaints

Mother : diabetes mellitus,  Hyperlipidemia


 We have started treatment on 24/09/12

After 4 months of treatment pregnancy test showed positive on 09/02/2013.

Medicine continued for normal delivery during the period of pregnancy .

She delivered a baby girl on 17/09/13 normally.





2. Name:- Sujith

Age:-32  Sex:-M

Address: - Puvathinkal (H) Kothaparambu. Ph: 9846783766



Mr. Sujith consulted  us on 19/12/2011 with the complaint of infertility.

He was under the treatment of allopathy since 2008. Their diagnosis was low active motile sperms, pus cells 10- 15/ hpf

He had tried lots of medicines without any result.


Family history:-

Father : Diabetes mellitus, History of heart attack

Mother : Hypertension, History of late pregnancy



·         Perspirations profuse, especially palm and sole

·         Desire meat and fish

·         Short tempered

·         Anxious

·         Nervous

·         Hot


After taking the case We finally decided to administer homeopathic medicine.

In the beginning he had 25% active motile sperms and puss cells 10-15/ hef.

We started treatment on 19/12/11.

On 01/01/12 the active motile sperms rose to 65%, pus cells come down to 1-2/ hpf

On 16/04/12 the laboratory investigation showed his wife pregnant.

Throughout the period of pregnancy his wife Aiswarya took homeopathic medicines for easy delivery.

Later she delivered a baby girl normally.