Dr. k.R.krishnakumar,Homoeopathic Physician, is the Chief Medical Officer & Managing Director of Novelty Homoeopathy Hopsital, Paravur. His individualized approach to treatment maximizes success and minimizes side effects.After completing his B.Sc. Degree from Sri Shankara College ,Kalady he joined DR.Padiyar Memorial Medical College ,cochin and took his M.D.(Master Degree) in Homeopathy from Forster Development Homeopathic Medical College,Aurangabad.His expertise and leadership has brought the hospital to the present status.

             Dr. k.R.krishnakumar is an expert on diseases related with Bones,Muscles and joints,which includes rheumotoid arthritis,oesteo arthritis,ligament injury,oesteo porosis,spondilosis,heel pain,etc… and Most common diseases like tonsilitis,fever,headache,etc.are treated.There are many successful,cases of chronic diseses like infertility,thyroid problems,parkinsons, Degenerative diseases,vertigo ,migrane,rheumatism.